Mobile app development has recently experienced tremendous growth. There are already 2.3 million dedicated mobile app developers working to meet market demand, according to estimates.

In reality, 1.25 million apps were registered in the Apple app store in 2013, which led to 50 billion downloads and $5 billion in developer payments, according to Apple.

With these kinds of market statistics, it is easy to see why developing mobile apps are essential for a company's success.

More People Are Using Smartphones to Access the Internet

Mobile app development has the unique capacity to access a significant number of potential customers, given the rise in the number of individuals using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. The Pew Research Internet Project estimates that 67 percent of smartphone owners in the United States regularly access the Internet using their devices. 

Additionally, according to recent studies, there will be 200 billion app downloads by 2017 and $63.5 billion in related mobile app revenue. The steady increase in sales of smartphones and tablets is the cause of these extraordinary figures.

Here are the top reasons why should a business build a mobile app:

Generate more sales

There are three main ways that mobile apps increase a company's revenue: Firstly, apps stimulate repeat purchases from clients who are on the go because the majority of people use a mobile device. Consumers find it easier to make purchases using apps rather than visiting websites due to their extreme ease and convenience. 

Second, using apps as a new source of advertising money might be advantageous to a business. Thirdly, you might be able to charge for the app because it is so engaging!

Reduce your serving costs

Customers can obtain basic information and make purchases via mobile apps without having to dial a contact center. Instead of wasting time and money waiting in a call queue, some apps even let you click through a "virtual IVR" menu. Obviously, automation lowers the cost of service.

Cut marketing expenses

Pushing notifications to users who have downloaded your app is cheap compared to traditional marketing and direct marketing, which is a hidden benefit of apps. For instance, you might wish to make a product or event announcement. There are lots of tasks like this that can be made easy via mobile app development. 

Improve the client experience

Many websites simply don't look good on small phone displays, but since mobile applications are made specifically for small screen sizes, they are more user-friendly and easy on the eyes. A consumer can click on the phone or start a web chat with just one touch, thanks to the rapid access that apps provide to your communication channels. 

The app may also identify your location in real time and offer directions and information particular to your location for users who have enabled location services. Even the Uber app, which is upending the taxi business, lets you see your car coming.

Get a competitive advantage

While most sectors have adopted apps, it's possible that your company operates in a niche where your rivals don't have one yet. If so, you may use this to your advantage as a difference. The options are unlimited, but you may also develop specialized functionality for your software that no one else has.


According to a recent survey, mobile app users spend longer using a company's app than they do using its mobile website.

It should come as no surprise as mobile apps are at the forefront of the developmental drive as our society continues to transition toward a mobile-centric one. Making a mobile app for your business can help it succeed in the future by putting it in the hands of new customers. Contact a mobile app development company today to learn more about app building.